10 'Plantfluencers' You Should Follow

Grace Donelson

08 Jul 2020 · 1 min read


One of the newer niche communities blossoming on social media platforms recently is that of "Plantfluencers." With considerably high engagement rates across multiple platforms, these gardeners turned social media influencers have been able to share their beautiful gardens alongside guidance for their audiences to create the same.

Whether encouraging followers to start their first garden or advising long-time gardeners on problem plants, these #plantfluencers are making waves in the social media world, growing their platforms at substantial rates.

  1. Jasmine Jefferson (@blackgirlswithgardens) - Gardener, educator and advocate for representation in gardening, Jefferson provides free online resources and has penned multiple e-books on cultivating your dream garden.
  2. James Wong (@botanygeek) - A trained botanist, documentarian for BBC and columnist for New Scientist living with 500 houseplants, Wong has also authored multiple books on gardening and growing your own food.
  3. Alessia Resta (@apartmentbotanists) - NYC-based gardener, blogger, and Youtuber is the perfect plantfluencer to follow for urban gardeners.
  4. Anna Greenland (@annagreenland) - An Organic Grower for Michelin chefs, Anna regularly offers advice for indoor, outdoor, and herb gardens of all shapes and sizes.
  5. Hilton Carter (@hiltoncarter) - The author (Wild Interiors and Wild at Home), podcaster (Journeys in Greenery), artist and plant stylist was featured in Vanity Fair for his interior and plant styling. Hilton offers a wealth of information on cultivating plants and online propagation classes.
  6. Alice Vincent (@noughticulture) - Vincent has detailed her journey through self-taught urban gardening with a weekly column in The Telegraph since 2014. With books, articles, and a newsletter dedicated to the subject, Vincent is a great resource for those new to gardening.
  7. Maria Failla (@bloomandgrowradio) - Host of Bloom & Grow Radio and former plant killer turned gardener Failla is a powerhouse of information on beginning your own indoor garden.
  8. Tylor Rogers (@urlocalplantboy) - Co-Owner of Arium Botanicals in Portland, OR, Rogers’ home full of plants of all sizes is inspiring to any plant owner.
  9. Erin Kobayashi (@leighkiyoko) - Kobayashi’s abundance of plants within her home is as striking as the gardens she frequents, showcasing an array of beautiful florals on her feed. Erin also regularly raises money for charities including sundanceharvest and blackwomeninmotion.
  10. Nick Cutsumpas (@farmernicknyc) - Entrepreneur and founder of Allbirds and Essential Farmers, Nick encourages others to cultivate gardens and live sustainable lifestyles.

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