Top 10 Twitch influencers to watch according to the data

Grace Donelson

22 Jul 2020 · 2 min read


As the leading live streaming platform since 2017, Twitch has given Gamers the perfect platform to cultivate large followings with high engagement rates. These rates transfer over to other platforms as well, with some influencers having engagement rates as high as 20-30%.

Along with having large followings, many of these gamers also promote positivity in gameplay, and regularly have interactive streaming with their followers.

We used the Tagger platform to directly access the behind the scenes data of some of the top Twitch creators, in particular taking a look at their past history of sponsored posts. After applying specific search filters and organizing the results by growth rate, we found these 10 Twitch influencers whose profiles have large followings, soaring growth rates, and multiple brand partnerships to be the "ones to watch"...

  1. LuluLuvley (@LuluLuvley) - On the roster for NRG Esports Apex Legends team, LuluLuvley regularly partners with companies such as G Fuel, Reebok and Reese’s.
  2. The Dooo (@TheDooo) - Simultaneously a Gamer and Music Producer, The Dooo meshes his music with gaming in many instances, making him accessible to a wide range of viewers. He has also partnered with games such as Far Cry, and companies like EA and Pubg Mobile.
  3. Ethan Nestor (@crankgameplays) - Most recently streaming games such as Animal Crossing and Minecraft, Nestor has partnerships with brands like Dunkin Donuts, Amazon Prime, Android and Mountain Dew on multiple platforms.
  4. ChicaTV (@ChicaTV) - As a part of the Fortnite team for professional esports organisation Team SoloMid, ChicaTV regularly partners with brands such as GFuel, Totinos, Call of Duty.
  5. Kris (@swagg_) - Focusing his gaming on Call of Duty, Kris has partnered with Chipotle’s Call of Duty Challenger series while also having multiple streams sponsored by Postmates.
  6. Kayla Sims (@Lilsimsie) - At only 20 years old, Kayla features daily streams for her followers, with a focus on the Sims games. With a steady growth and high engagement rate, she has recently been sponsored by Youtube and Intel Gaming.
  7. Harris Heller (@HarrisHeller) - With both gameplay and “Just Chatting” streams where he interacts with fans, Heller’s streams have been sponsored by Logitech G, Elgato Gaming, and Blue Microphones.
  8. Mizkif (@Mizkif) - From Halo to Minecraft, Mizkif plays a variety of games, also procuring weekly highlight videos for his fans. Some of his sponsors include Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
  9. Alex - (@AKAformula) - With daily Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay streams, Alex has secured branded posts with Fortnite, Gilette, and Heinz.
  10. Aceu (@Aceu) - Represented by NRG Esports for playing Valorant, “Ace” has partnered with companies such as Lenovo Legion, Turtle Beach, and Roc Cat.

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