20 Direct-to-Consumer Companies Growing With Influencer Marketing

Grace Donelson

01 Oct 2020 · 5 min read


Since online shopping has become more popular out of convenience, accessibility, and even necessary in regards to following stay-at-home orders, direct-to-consumer brands are experiencing more widespread popularity than ever. Whether searching for makeup or home goods, companies are creating innovative D2C products, catering to any and every niche one could imagine.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands sell products and/or services directly to consumers, bypassing third party retailers and middlemen. By skipping the costs that come with using these third party retailers, direct-to-consumer companies can offer better prices, more unique services, and in some cases, highly personalized products. The opportunities are endless with the most creative brands continually coming to the forefront of social media popularity.

Though Direct-to-Consumer brands sound like the full package for those in business, they can be limiting in their media exposure as they have no storefront or third-party retailers to aid in promoting their products. This is where influencer marketing comes to the rescue, successfully wielded as a tool for boosting the popularity of direct-to-consumer brands.

Using the Tagger platform’s growth, mentions, and affinity toggles, we compiled a list of 20 direct-to-consumer brands using influencer marketing to boost their traffic and sales.

  1. Fab Fit Fun (@fabfitfun) - An innovative subscription box service, Fab Fit Fun offers the best in health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and fashion in a quarterly box. With nearly 2k sponsored mentions, the company has made great use of influencer marketing to boost their growth. Since March 2020 the company has experienced platform growth of over 100k followers. /uploads/2020/09/fabfitfun.png
  2. Therabody (@therabody), - Cutting edge tech wellness company Therabody has had phenomenal growth since the start of 2020. Boosted by influencer marketing, the company has also expanded beyond its innovative Theragun percussive therapy tool to include TheraOne, a line of USDA Certified Organic CBD products. /uploads/2020/09/therabody.png
  3. AllBirds (@allbirds) - By working with influencers with large audiences, Wool shoe company Allbirds has been able to boost their growth through sponsored posts which have ultimately encouraged more organic mentions as well. To learn more about Allbirds’ extensive growth, take a look at Tagger’s case study on the innovative brand. /uploads/2020/09/allbirds.png
  4. United by Blue (@unitedbyblue) - Innovative clothing and accessories brand, United by Blue’s promise is that with each product purchased, a pound of trash is removed from the ocean. Between sponsored and organic posts, the company has racked up 2.6k mentions, likely responsible for their steady growth over the past few months. /uploads/2020/09/unitedbyblue.png
  5. Away Luggage (@away) - Besides an unfortunate downturn in the months following travel lockdowns amid Covid-19, Away Luggage is regaining their growth rate and engagement rate among users. With only 300 of their 9k mentions being sponsored, the majority of their mentions are organic, putting the proof in the pudding of their product quality. When the company most recently had a sale to reopen their sites and stores, their servers received so much traffic it caused a sitewide crash. /uploads/2020/09/away.png
  6. Daily Harvest (@dailyharvest) - Smoothies, Soups, Flatbreads, Harvest Bowls and Lattes are just a few of the many foods subscription service Daily Harvest offers to customers with a motto to “Give Cooking The Finger.” Providing customers with clean, wholesome meals is just the beginning for Daily Harvest who most recently establishing a partnership with social media presences Tabitha Brown, Kira Stokes, and Chloe Fineman. /uploads/2020/09/dailyharvest.png
  7. Chewy (@chewy) - Boosted by over 12k mentions, online Pet retailer Chewy has had a steady climb from 300k followers to nearly 600k since the beginning of 2020. Beyond pet owners posting about Chewy, many popular pet profiles including Lil Bub, Indy the Goldendoodle, and Miss Minnie extensively post about the company. /uploads/2020/09/chewy.png
  8. Summersalt (@summersalt) - Boasting a 57% growth on their Instagram since January 2020, Summersalt’s mentions have featured a potential reach of 2 million impressions in August. With quality swimwear, basics, and most recently an expansion into activewear, the buzz about Summersalt doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon. /uploads/2020/09/summersalt.png
  9. Mented Cosmetics (@mentedcosmetics) - Founded by Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller after the friends discussed the difficulty of finding lipstick shades for darker skin tones, Mented Cosmetics is perfectly ‘pigMented’ to match a wide range of skin tones that are commonly left out of high-profile beauty brands. With a mention count of nearly 5k, the company continues to highlight inclusivity in makeup by actively sharing their followers’ posts about the company. /uploads/2020/09/mentedcosmetics.png
  10. Peloton (@onepeloton) - As seen with the high growth of Peloton instructors’ platforms we researched a few weeks ago, Peloton is experiencing a doubled follower count from 500k to 1M. Beyond this, the online fitness studio is receiving one of the higher mention counts among this list, raking in over 20k organic and sponsored mentions. /uploads/2020/09/peloton.png
  11. Flaviar (@flaviar_com) - Offering members a premium bottle and themed tasting box each quarter, Flaviar specializes in guiding customers through the ‘World of Spirits’ with personalized picks, an active online community, and unique member events. With the help of social media, Flaviar has received coverage from everyone from high-profile whiskey brands like WhistlePig to comedian Joe Rogan. /uploads/2020/09/flaviar.png
  12. The Sill (@thesill) - An online plant nursery, The Sill delivers beautiful plants in unique planters right to your doorstep. With over 4k individual mentions and 1.2K brand mentions, the company has successfully tapped into influencer marketing to amplify their growth- over 200k more Instagram followers since January 2020 isn’t too shabby. /uploads/2020/09/thesill.png
  13. KiwiCo (@kiwico_inc) - Featuring STEM, STEAM, and Science Kits for Kids ages 0-14, KiwiCo’s unique projects teach kids of all ages and interests. With the majority of their 1K mentions coming from parents, the company’s product seems to be a great response to families juggling more time spent at home while helping kids stay intellectually stimulated. Their growth rate is also evidence of this, with KiwiCo racking up 200k more followers since March 2020. /uploads/2020/09/kiwico.png
  14. Thrive Market (@thrivemarket) - By making healthy eating easier for over 650,000 members, Thrive Market’s reach and growth has been especially notable in the past year. Partnerships with celebrities and influencers like Julianne Hough and Caitlin Shoemaker has boosted the potential reach of some of their mentions as high as 1.6 Million. /uploads/2020/09/thrivemarket.png
  15. Casper (@casper) - Sleep experts specializing in innovative mattress design, Casper has reached a renowned status in the mattress industry with their eponymous mattress being noted as one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions. With a steady growth rate and 5k mentions of their brand, Casper is quickly becoming the go-to mattress for online shoppers. /uploads/2020/09/casper.png
  16. Glamping Hub (@glampinghub) - Since Covid-19 has shut down many travel opportunities for the foreseeable future, many travel-junkies have turned to camping as a safe alternative. Glamping Hub has been able to equip travelers with safe, socially-distanced stays in ‘glamping’ locations around the world. Highlighted by over 1k mentions from travelers, photographers, and influencers alike, Glamping Hub has retained a steady growth rate. /uploads/2020/09/glampinghub.png
  17. Aaptiv (@aaptiv) - With an evident growth spike seen after gyms were closed down amid Covid-19 concerns, online exercise studio Aaptiv became a safe way for people to ‘go’ to the gym. Between this scenario that amplified Aaptiv’s growth and nearly 2k mentions, the company has received positive social media coverage that is continually boosting their brand. /uploads/2020/09/aaptiv.png
  18. Hims (@hims) - Specializing in men’s wellness products, Hims is working to enable conversations men struggle with having in the health and wellness realm. With their line of products as well as access to telehealth resources including actual doctors and medical prescriptions, Hims has seen steady growth since January 2020, likely bolstered by the 2.5k mentions of their account. /uploads/2020/09/hims.png
  19. Wander Beauty (@wander_beauty) - Catered to women on-the-go, Wander Beauty is a clean, cruelty-free makeup line focused on developing multitasking products that cut down on the amount of makeup many women carry when traveling. Boasting over 12k mentions as seen in the Tagger platform, the beauty company has seen steady positive growth in past months. /uploads/2020/09/wanderbeauty.png
  20. Parachute (@parachutehome) - A Home Decor and Furniture company making affordable, high-quality pieces, Parachute’s most recent campaign featuring customers under the hashtag #MyParachuteHome has attributed to their 4k mentions and high growth rate. /uploads/2020/09/parachute.png

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