CES 2020 Tech trends to watch based on social data

Kelsey Formost

07 Jan 2020 · 2 min read


‘Tis the season for tech geeks everywhere...it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show, aka, CES! This week, everyone in the industry from the Sultans of Technology to savvy start-ups has descended upon Las Vegas to showcase their gadgets big and small, and to build excitement for products being released in the coming year.

CES has served as the proving ground for innovators from all over the world for over 50 years. Major brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG stand alongside newcomers and hopefuls, all looking to launch the “next big thing”.

But no matter how amazing a product might be, there’s only so much a company can grow without creating buzz. CES is an instrumental milestone from tech companies to build excitement in the months leading up to a product launch. The more buzz, the better the eventual sales.

We decided to take a look at last year’s “Best of CES” winners and analyze their behind-the-scenes data to show how this year’s contestants can maximize their impact over the next few months with social media and influencer marketing.

Since the show isn’t open to the public, social media is one of the only ways brands can build anticipation and control their messaging with consumers.

Based on the numbers, we’re predicting the biggest buzz from CES 2020 will result from products in the fields of sustainability, in-home smart devices, and home entertainment from trusted brands with big budgets. Here are a few notable mentions to watch...

![](/uploads/2020/01/CES- Pinterest.png)

In 2019, companies pushed the limits of 4K displays and started the 8K trend. This year, more devices are being shown that enhance the 4K experience for consumers and reward early adopters of 8K. Continuing on the TV front, it’s not just about higher resolution. Unexpected, alternative viewing setups like this Samsung Sero TV with a screen that rotates to watch vertical videos with the touch of a button, and this foldable LG OLED Rollable TV that can store itself out of sight.

When it comes to social media and influencer marketing for these products, the visual element of transformation will play a huge part in creating successful campaigns!

In addition to TVs, many new, and perhaps unexpected devices will be smart-home enabled. Bath & kitchen manufacturing company Kohler introduced a new showerhead that is Alexa-enabled, allowing users to sing in the shower while adding to their Amazon shopping list. We think we can guess what that influencer marketing campaign will look like!

But beyond the expected array of fancy new in-home tech devices, one of the most innovative and exciting fields that’s growing exponentially at CES is sustainability.

Startups have debuted robots that assist in picking up public trash, we’ve seen solar energy panels that can produce water from thin air, and even farm equipment manufacturer John Deere is making an appearance sharing ideas on how to reduce chemicals in farming.

Of course, the big winner of last year’s CES, both in actual awards and in terms of publicity, was Impossible Foods with the release of The Impossible Burger 2.0. The company is expected to return with more ideas surrounding sustainable, plant-based food production and will definitely be one to watch in 2020. The massive popularity of the Impossible Burger was due in large part to a huge wave of curiosity spurred on by social media.

Every company at CES is a perfect example of how social media can help get the word out about a product. From plant-based burgers to flying cars, buzz- not necessarily excellence in innovation alone- is the highest prize of all.

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