Last-Minute Ideas for Holiday Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Kelsey Formost

16 Dec 2019 · 2 min read


Still hoping to maximize your online holiday marketing for 2019? Don’t just throw a bunch of discount codes up on social media and hope for the best.

With an 11X higher ROI than traditional advertising, influencer marketing is still the most effective way to get the best bang for your online shopping buck!

These last-minute strategies for hiring and working with influencers during the final stretch of the holiday season can help you get the most traction out of the week before Christmas (without having to start from scratch).

Do an IG or FB LIVE campaign

Hiring an influencer to do a live campaign is an amazing way to get as many eyes as possible on your brand without having to worry about the time crunch associated with approving content.

You can work with an influencer to come up with a general idea of what you’d like them to say and when you’d like the campaign to air, without spending a ton of time planning and creating posts. LIVE campaigns take the pressure off influencers of having to worry about a quick turnaround time for shooting and editing a ton of content (and therefore makes them more likely to say yes to working with you).

It’s a win-win! You get a last-minute influencer holiday campaign, and they get to create without the pressure of editing crunch-time.

Work with influencers to update and re-post previously successful campaigns

If it ain’t broke, run it again! Use a tool like Tagger to quickly and effectively analyze past influencer marketing campaigns to see what content was the most successful from the previous months.

If the product featured in those campaigns is still relevant, reach back out to the influencer and see if they’d be willing to update captions and re-share the already shot, edited and approved photos and/or videos. Add any new information like holiday discount codes, low stock, or a product that’s going to be retired in 2020, to let their audience in on your brand’s update.

Get in on New Year’s Resolutions Early

How can your ideal customer use your product or service to make life better or easier in 2020? Answer that question, then hone in on which influencer would be a great fit to run a New Year’s Resolution campaign for your brand. Start now and you’ll beat everyone else to the punch!

Hone in on your bestsellers & re-target your ideal audience

The week before the holidays is all about maximizing your efforts and setting yourself up for success. That’s why you should focus on the products or services you ALREADY know resonate with your ideal audience.

Re-target users who have already engaged with your brand online by using a social listening tool like Tagger. You can also do a last-minute boost of already-posted content that features your best-selling products or services. This will make sure that users who are most likely to purchase are reminded of your brand and/or product before the holiday shopping season is over.

After-Christmas Sales

Speaking of timing, you can plan ahead for any “after-Christmas sale” content, and hire an influencer now to be ready in plenty of time to promote it starting bright and early on Dec. 26th.

Many consumers wait for after-Christmas deals to purchase more gifts, or big-ticket items they think will go on sale after the holiday. It’s an excellent time to run a last-minute influencer marketing campaign!

Run an online giveaway

‘Tis the season of giving, right? Studies show that consumers are much more likely to buy from a brand they believe gives back. A giveaway is an excellent way to get people excited about your product, get them invested in winning, and have them returning to your page to check and see if they won.

Another great bonus result of giveaways is that people usually share giveaway posts with friends by tagging them in the comments. This helps speed online “word of mouth” marketing and gets your brand in front of exponentially more eyes in a short window of time.

Influencer Marketing Advice for 2020

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