10 Mindfulness Influencers using Social Media Marketing to Grow

Grace Donelson

25 Nov 2020 · 3 min read


Gratitude, balance, mental health, meditation, therapy...it may surprise you to learn that one of the most engaged-with categories on social media is 'Mindfulness'.

At its best, social media shines a light on issues and resources that help viewers live a better off-line life. In this fast-paced digital era, accounts that address the mental and emotional journies of their followers are seeing a hugely positive response, not just online, but in real life as well.

In a world where many are seeking solace from "mindless scrolling", mindfulness influencers are garnering incredibly loyal audiences of highly-engaged followers. These mindfulness-based social media accounts have led to lucrative book deals, sold-out events, popular membership programs, and of course, successful brand partnerships.

Using Tagger's unique affinity tool coupled with our powerful mentions tracker, we were able to discover these 10 mindfulness accounts seeing incredibly high engagement and explosive growth.

  1. Lalah Delia (@lalahdelia) - Featuring a growth spurt of over 140k since January 2020, Delia’s platform regularly has double the engagement of the Instagram benchmark. As a spiritual writer, wellness educator, certified spiritual practitioner, and author, Delia’s resources for mental health and spirituality are substantial. Delia’s features sponsored mentions from Girlboss, Athleta, and Cadillac.
  2. Sharon Salzberg (@sharonsalzberg) - With 11 books, her own podcast, and a multitude of guest appearances on other podcasts, it’s a wonder Salzberg also has time to devote to teaching others meditation through free webinars. Salzburg has had a 40% increase in her following over the past year, her work featured on social media by the likes of Debra Messing and Chelsea Handler among many others.
  3. Latham Thomas (@glowmaven) - Featured on Oprah’s Super Soul 100 list, Thomas encourages embracing optimal wellness and spiritual growth as a pathway to empowerment. Also the owner of Mama Glow and author of “Own Your Glow,” Thomas’ has over 70 sponsored posts on her platform which has also had a high influx of followers since May 2020.
  4. Davidji (@davidjimeditation) - Stress-management expert, author, and meditation teacher, Davidji has a steadily increasing Instagram and Youtube following. His Youtube featuring lengthy guided meditations alongside emotional intelligence and happiness tips, Davidji has gathered around 30k views on his most popular videos.
  5. Lauren Ash (@hellolaurenash) - Wellness visionary, Ash is the founder of @blackgirlinom, the host of bgio podcast, and a teacher of yoga, meditation, and Spirit-led living. Ash has nearly 50 sponsored mentions on her Instagram, a platform that has grown by over 9k followers in the past six months.
  6. Gabrielle Bernstein (@gabbybernstein) - #1New York Times bestselling author of eight books, Bernstein’s expertise in spirituality and meditation has led to other outlets including online classes and even a Spirit Junkie App. Bernstein has sponsored partnerships with LuluLemon, Healthline, and multiple other brands on her Instagram, her profile boasting grown by over 200k followers in the past year.
  7. Ambi Kavanagh (@alchemyambi) - Author and podcast host, Kavanagh is also the founder of two companies, specializing in soundbaths and soundbath candles. Kavanagh’s approach to and teachings of alchemy have been featured in Vogue, Well + Good, and The Hollywood Reporter. Between these features and sponsored partnerships with brands such as Spiritual Gangster and Equinox, Kavanagh’s platform has had a growth increase of over 34% in the last year.
  8. Vishen Lakhiani (@vishen) - Founder of @mindvalley, Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, activist, and author devoted to raising human consciousness. His platform has grown by over 200k since January 2020 featuring an increased engagement rate on all posts.
  9. Gala Darling (@galadarling) - Focused on practices of EFT Tapping and Manifestation, Gala Darling’s work has been featured in The New York Times, CBS, and Cosmopolitan among other publications. Between her podcast, books, and various classes on manifestation and meditation, Darling’s platform has grown by over 50k since the beginning of 2020.
  10. Alexandra Elle (@alex_elle) - Author of “After The Rain” among other books, Elle is also a wellness consultant focused on building self-care practices through literature and language. Offering self-care writing and meditation courses, Elle’s approach focus on mindfulness through writing. Her Instagram features over 30 sponsored posts, likely contributing to her page’s 50% growth in 2020 alone.

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