Top 20 LGBTQ+ Micro Influencers To Follow and Support in 2020 (& Beyond!)

Alexis Caught

16 Jun 2020 · 3 min read


Industry editorial by guest blogger: Alexis Caught

June may be Pride month but you'll want to follow and support these amazing, brave, creative LGBTQ+ influencers all year long!

Returning guest writer Alexis Caught shares his Top 20 Queer-identifying micro-influencers who are using social media to heighten awareness, campaign for human rights, share resources, and create space for the LGBTQ+ community.

  1. Charlie Craggs - The Award-winning author (To My Trans Sisters), activist (Nail Transphobia), speaker, and model was named “The voice of a community” by Vogue. Charlie is the founder of ‘Nail Transphobia’, a movement where she travels the country giving free manicures and chatting about trans rights while doing so.
  2. Kuchenga - A Black, transgender feminist, KUCHENGA is a writer, a journalist, and an avid supporter of Black women’s literature. An eloquent and engaging writer and activist, she regularly writes for Vogue, Dazed, Vice, and Cosmopolitan (to name a few).
  3. Tanya Compas - A brilliant, committed youth worker and youth engagement specialist who creates safe places and conversations for Queer Black youth.
  4. Kenny Ethan Jones - Made history speaking about trans men's health and fronting a period campaign. His activism is focused on; menstruation, body politics, mental health, and intimacy.
  5. Char Bailey - A mindfulness & autism awareness activist, volunteer for Uk Black Pride and co-host of the Award-winning Qmmunity Podcast exploring LGBTQ+ identity, history, and issues.
  6. Anick Soni - Award-winning creative, intersex campaigner, activist, and educator. Fellow of RSA. Focusing on charities, storytelling, children’s rights, mental health and culture.
  7. Shiva Raichandani - Principal Dancer at the London School of Bollywood, dance teacher, and non-binary activist, Shiva is also the creator of the British film “Queer Parivaar”, an interfaith south Asian queer romance.
  8. ShayShay - Non-binary drag performer and performance artist and founder of “The Bitten Peach,” a collective for LGBTQ+ people of Asian descent to come together and find home.
  9. Mzz Kimberley - The living, London equivalent of Marsha P. Johnson, she's the trans doyenne of the West End and has been flying the flag and creating change for decades. In addition to creating Allies Corner, she’s made space for trans people to come together through education & awareness work.
  10. Kayza Rose - Is the powerhouse and organiser behind so many big events that really make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community such as UK Black Pride, Gal-Dem, the Trans Fashion show, AZ Mag, QTIPOC family dinner, Allies Corner and more. A hard-working, community-driven grassroots activist, she makes change in the community a reality!
  11. Drag Syndrome - An inspiring and beautiful troupe of drag Kings and Queens who have down syndrome. Mashable stated, “ Drag Syndrome’s talented artists broaden our horizons with their creativity and effortlessly disarm the audience with their profound love of life.”
  12. Andrea Di Giovanni - Non-binary musician, songwriter, and performer who catalyzes activism through art & social sharing.
  13. Marc Thompson - is an advocate for the Black LGBTQ+ community, and the founder of @BlkOutUK, an online space for gay black men. We also works with @PrEPster, a group that educates and agitates for PrEP in England and beyond.
  14. Phil Samba - Research assistant and HIV & PrEP campaigner, educating and agitating for PrEP in England and beyond.
  15. Dom&Ink - Positivity abounds in the work of this artist, illustrator, and author of LGBTQ+ journal, ’Free To Be Me’.
  16. Grace Shush - LGBTQ+ activist, drag performer, and body positivity advocate.
  17. Jason Kwan - Non-binary pop singer and youth worker who advocates for LGBTQ+ homelessness charity “The AKT”.
  18. Mohsin Zaidi - A barrister (lawyer) turned writer, whose debut book "A Dutiful Boy" details his life as a gay Muslim & his relationship with his family, culture, and faith.
  19. Dr Karen Gurney - A sex-positive clinical psychologist who is "on a mission to improve the sex lives of the nation".
  20. Otamere Goubadier - Writer covering pop culture & more in the LQBTQ+ community and beyond.

Guest writer Alexis Caught is a queer writer, podcaster, rugby player, and first-ever influencer to do a “royal take over” as Kensington Palace gave him access to their Instagram to launch Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

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