Global Influencer Marketing Spotlight: What’s Trending NOW in Brazil

Carolina Pascowitch

23 Apr 2020 · 4 min read


Global Influencer Marketing Insights: Brazil

In the second installment of our Global Influencer Spotlight series, our team in Brazil speaks to market trends and influencer marketing successes that are showing up right now in their corner of the globe.

Here are the top three categories and trends that are seeing massive increases in user engagement and follower activity in Brazil...

The Birth of the “Health Professional Influencer”

South America, and particularly Brazil, has seen a huge leap in engagement for healthcare professionals and health companies who have taken time to post valuable content on social media.

Biologist Atila Iamarino is part of this new group of “health influencers”. With a PhD in Microbiology from USP, he has led YouTube channel "Nerdologia" with the historian Filipe Figueiredo since 2010.

The “edu-tainment” channel has 2.76 million subscribers and focuses on science and health. When the pandemic began to spread, the biologist paid more attention to the conversations being had in his own social networks. Nerdologia has narrowed its focus (for now) to posting explanatory videos about the evolution of the pandemic and strategies to reduce the risk of contagion, such as social isolation.

Since last month, Nerdologia has gained a spike in new subscribers on YouTube, 350,000 additional followers on Instagram, and another 256,000 on Twitter.

What we’re seeing from the data is that consumers are drawn to informational content that comes from a reliable health professional, but that is “human” in its delivery. For this new brand of “health pro influencers”, releasing responsible, highly-researched information about health safety, has had a positive impact; both professionally and in that they’re helping their audiences.

For example, due to his respect as a health authority, Iamarino has been able to help companies reach out to new audiences about health. “Because he became a great spokesman for the subject at the time, he ended up on the radar of brands that have no direct connection with his segment”, evaluates Rafael Coca, one of the partners of the Spark agency, which bridges influencers and companies interested in influencer marketing. According to the agency's accounts, the YouTuber managed to double the engagement of its publications and accumulated 1 million likes in March alone.

Personal Finance Influencers Are On The Rise

Coronavirus has confined millions of people to working from home, with the added concern of keeping their finances in order until the end of social distancing. Moreover, with unemployment on the rise due to a lack of commerce, many are facing layoffs and needing to adjust their financial habits.

This has created a huge surge of activity in Brazil in the category of digital influencers in personal finance. These influencers’ content is completely focused on helping their followers to survive the economic effects of the crisis (along with providing them info-tainment during quarantine).

In an interview with einvestidor, Carol Sandler from Financas femininas said, “We set up a special coverage of the coronavirus crisis: all our content planning was changed to be able to support our readers and followers in this very difficult moment. We have included on the agenda videos and texts explaining what is happening in our economy. We launch a daily market closing material that reflects the events of the day and is posted as soon as the markets close and sent as a special newsletter ”.

A similar path was followed by Nathalia Arcuri, from the platform “Me Poupe!”. Since the need for isolation was established, the production of awareness content and practical tips has been intensified. "There have already been four free live lectures on our YouTube channel, with an average of 18,000 live viewers and 100,000 hits in just 12 hours," she says.

Sandler accounts for a significant growth in the number of views on YouTube and on Instagram posts, both in Feed and Stories. “The engagement of the posts grew, as did the number of clicks on our newsletter (which was weekly and became daily).”

Many financial entities are actively seeking to support and stimulate their local economic communities. “Many people lost their jobs or had their income reduced. We will do our best to help these people. We are even investing in a free platform that will act as a facilitator for micro and small companies, self-employed and unemployed, offering uncomplicated content and connecting these entrepreneurs to immediate solutions ”, explains Arcuri.

“We have to know how to listen: understand what are the most frequent doubts, pains and difficulties. With this, we are able to produce relevant and interesting content daily. And we need to support society. You can't keep producing alarmist content that only causes people to panic to generate easy clicks," adds Sandler.

Musical Live Streams on Instagram Live & YouTube Are a Hit:

One of the most prominent ways that Brazilians are caring for their mental health during quarantine is by attending live musical events via social media. “Musical Lives” have even been endorsed by local health agencies, being designated as “necessary” to relieve the tension of confinement and bringing a sense of normality in this very troubled time.

Gusttavo Lima, a well-known Brazilian country singer, was the precursor of this Musical Live Stream movement. With record 700k live viewers, his individual success created demand for more well-produced broadcasts, which led to his “concerts” also being streamed on TV and viewed by millions.

The movement has been consistently gaining momentum since the beginning, The Brazilian country duo Jorge & Mateus attracted 3.1 million live viewers on YouTube, and the singer Marília Mendonça achieved a number of 3.3M viewers on April 8th, hitting a (then) world record for simultaneous viewers in a Live Musical. Bonus: They all collected huge quanities of food and donations for charity during their live streams.

As momentum increased, the official “Festival Musica Em Casa,” or, "Music At Home Festival” was launched for exclusive live music presentations, 100% online and live on Instagram Live.

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