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Unlimited Relationships. Unlimited Campaigns. Unlimited Searches. Unlimited Possibilities.

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With direct relationships with all major social media platforms, as well as billions of pieces of historical data, Tagger connects you with the perfect influencer your target audience already loves

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Set Yourself Up
For The Best ROI

Tagger allows you to search for and connect with influencers your target audience already loves, giving you the highest engagement rate and best ROI possible.

Investing in our platform means you get exclusive access to invaluable data, as well as support through every stage of campaign planning and execution.

Learn How
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Review relevant
audiences and stay ahead of your competition.

Use relevant data (not trial-and-error!) to plan the most effective campaign strategy. View and track your competitors’ audience metrics, analyze influencer’s authenticity metrics, see what’s working and what isn’t for your industry, and build media plans across all major social platforms and content types.

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  • Understanding Audience Growth
  • Measure & Benchmark Social Engagement
  • Compare Competitors
  • Understand your Brand's Audience
  • Uncover Content Insights
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Scrolling is dead.
Long live search filters.

Quickly search and filter millions of social accounts and posts across 3.5MM aggregated creator profiles from over 70 countries. Targeted research backed by data allows you to spend time focusing on campaign strategy and the signals that matter most. No more endless hours of scrolling through profiles, no more hard-to-read, outdated spreadsheets.

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  • Creator Category, Location & Gender
  • Platform & Content Stats (Growth Rate, Engagement Rate)
  • Audience Demographics
  • Keywords, Hashtags & Mentions
  • Affinity to Other Brands & Creators
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Say goodbye to influencer communication breakdown.

A full CRM suite that lets you say goodbye to communication breakdown! Tagger’s comprehensive influencer management solution allows you to activate campaigns, connect with creators, keep communication flowing, create dynamic proposals, review and approve content, and manage contracts - all in one platform.

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  • Centralized Hub for All Influencer Activity
  • Influencer Reviews
  • On-Platform Messaging
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customized Proposal Wizard
  • HelloSign Contract Management
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the spreadsheets.

Generate a full, easy-to-read, modular campaign reports with a few clicks! Tagger simplifies the reporting process by automatically pulling in your campaign posts (including Instagram Stories) based on brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords.

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  • Campaign Metrics Summary
  • See Top Creators & Top Content
  • Content Gallery & CSV Exports

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9 Languages, Multi-currency transactions, collaborative environment

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